1080p video on Beagle

FOSDEM 2010 is over, and I’d like to call it a success for FFmpeg. The 11-man strong delegation showed the stunned audience a smashing demo featuring a Beagle-powered video wall. It looked like this:

The people who pulled this off look like this:

The FFmpeg team

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14 Responses to 1080p video on Beagle

  1. I recognize you and Attila in that picture and that’s about it. Have we seen that much turnover in regular FFmpeg contributors?

  2. The one with the silly cap and the bag is me ;)
    To the right/behind there’s Luca (Barbato) and to the right Reinhard (siretart), and further right the Other First Diego.

  3. nine says:

    I didn’t realise the guy from Clerks was an ffmpeg committer!

  4. Twinsen says:

    This looks interesting… Are there some details around about it? I have a beagle, I hacked gentoo on it, and ffmpeg too (with my stupid questions on BB mailing list), and it’s nowhere near 1080p… 480p maybe (no DSP). :) So how does it work?

  5. Adeel says:

    any more information on howto setup a similar presentation? were you using the DMX protocol of X11?

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  7. Stefan G. says:

    Hey Mike,

    there must also be other reasons for you not recognizing people, like fading memory. I know that there are three more people that you have met on Linuxtag 2007 in that picture, so you have some chance of recognizing (I won’t tell names). Apart from that, it depends on your definition of regular contributors :)
    But hey, we managed to get a GIRL in the picture :)


  8. Igor Krasko says:

    What’s the maximum resolution you can achieve per board? Is there a limit regarding the duration of the video?

    Will you post your code?


    • Mans says:

      We’ve run it at resolutions up to 900×720 per board, which worked well. The video length is only limited by the space on the SD card. The playback is done with omapfbplay.

  9. Igor Krasko says:

    Thanks for your fast answer…Great work! how do you sync the videos? Could you explain me a little bit?


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